Friday, August 23, 2013

Good night!

우리는 언제나 세상의 아름다움에 대해 말할 수 있고,
언제든 감사하다고 말하고 웃을수 있어요.
단지 잠시 그 사실을 잊고 지낼 때가 있을 뿐이지요.
기나긴 하루가 막 끝나가고 있고 저는 세상을 향해 감사하다고 외치고 잠들겠어요.

We have enough time to talk beautiful part of the world.
We can say thank you at any time, and we're able to laugh at any time.
But sometimes we forget that fact as well.
Today was an exceptionally long day.
 I'm going to say thank you to the world before falling asleep.
"Thank you!!!Good night!!"

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